Leveraging years of experience, Covert Consulting was formed as a comprehensive full-service information technology software solutions company, providing development and support for both legacy and clotting-edge technologies. Today the company is highly proficient and adept in the product and services we offer.

Gain a competitive advantage and increase productivity at competitive rates within desired timeframes
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No show-off tech talk from us, technical concepts are communicated in understandable terms with the benefits and risks clearly explained. Our clients always know exactly what is proposed or happening and in possession of reliable expectations. We as well are always open-minded and ready to learn to improve our processes.

We’re not just an IT development group, we understand intimately all facets of business models through experience and training. Whether it is more visibility for a website or the creation of a marketing competitive advantage strategy that can be leveraged through technology, we will assist whenever and wherever it is desired to enhance the client's marketing effort.

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With the pride we take in our work we rest on the integrity of our solutions. We love our work and it's contagious. We will be there for you from beginning to beyond project end. Let us be the Covert Secret to YOUR Success